Hey you, focus! Right here, right now.

Written by Yanina B.
Last updated: April 10th, 2018.

Life’s big beautiful moments are sometimes so subtle we are often too disconnected to even notice the magic. I recall the morning of March 8th, I felt a bit rushed to get to the office and begin finishing up some of my projects. I threw on my winter coat, gloves, and began listening to music on my headphones. While walking through my building, I was scrolling through my emails on my phone trying to answer them, removing any distractions from completing my to-do list. Looking down at my phone, I began to open the front door when suddenly I was struck by ice-cold wind. My body tensed up and I forced to look up, away from my phone. I found myself in another world and I was in awe. It took me a few minutes to process where I was. Over 8 inches of snow had fallen last night and the town looked like a winter wonderland. Continue reading