About Me

To me, a life well-lived is one of growth and having purpose, but also having fun! I just finished defending my PhD in Environmental Engineering at Harvard University where, I use lidar technology, satellite, data, and high-resolution computer models to study air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in cities. Over the past four years, I have also been working as a wellness coach for over 400 undergraduate students. Everyday, I engage with students over meals, wellness activities, or one-on-one meetings. Their stories, experiences, and concerns inspired me to start this blog and provided me with the courage to share some of my own experiences. Perhaps you’re wondering….

  • How does one gain the courage to be their unique self, without worrying what others think?
  • How can one feel happy and fulfilled every week?
  • How can we balance work with our passions or other life goals?
  • How does a woman thrive in male-dominated industries?
  • What is graduate school all about?
  • What does research at the doctorate level look like?


Prior to beginning my PhD program, I worked as an environmental consultant for five years. On my spare time, I enjoy reading and staying active by dancing, surfing, snowboarding, and hiking. I used to part of professional salsa dance company and at times, teach dance routines in the Boston area.

I am originally from Argentina (and yes, a U.S. citizen) and encountered many obstacles in order to achieve my dreams. I made an honest effort over the past few years to “optimize” my life and hope that this blog helps you feel more balanced and empowered to tackle challenges, as well as your goals and dreams. Here, I will share some of my daily routines, meditation practices, accountability tools, gadgets, and experiences over the past decade in industry and graduate school.

IMG_5702 (1)
December 2017: Remotely accessing my Lidar network. I use Lidar data to test the performance of atmospheric transport models used to estimate urban air pollution.

January 2018: My visit at NASA’s JPL for STEM Communication/Outreach! Behind me is the “Skeleton” that functionally mimics the Rover.

Last updated: October 1, 2019