I am currently a PhD Candidate at Harvard University in the engineering field. I am also a wellness tutor for one of the undergraduate houses.  After two years of working with undergraduate students, I wanted to start this site to share some of my experiences. Perhaps you’re wondering….

  • What is graduate school all about?
  • What does research at the doctorate level look like?
  • How does a woman deal with the glass-ceiling while working in industry?
  • How does one gain the courage to be their unique self, even if it doesn’t seem like others may agree with your lifestyle?
  • How can one live a happy and fulfilled life?
  • What path should I take next in my career?

A little about myself:

I’m originally from Buenos Aires (and yes, a U.S. citizen!).  Prior to beginning my PhD program, I worked as an environmental consultant for five years and dealt first-hand with the “glass-ceiling” and a few struggles while networking as a woman.  I had my own way of dealing with these situations and in the next couple of blog posts, you’ll hear some of my experiences and thoughts. Additionally, I love to dance and choreograph! I enjoy exploring the outdoors, staying active, eating healthy, while balancing it all with my graduate school projects.