Hey you, focus! Right here, right now.

Written by Yanina B.
Last updated: April 10th, 2018.

Life’s big beautiful moments are sometimes so subtle we are often too disconnected to even notice the magic. I recall the morning of March 8th, I felt a bit rushed to get to the office and begin finishing up some of my projects. I threw on my winter coat, gloves, and began listening to music on my headphones. While walking through my building, I was scrolling through my emails on my phone trying to answer them, removing any distractions from completing my to-do list. Looking down at my phone, I began to open the front door when suddenly I was struck by ice-cold wind. My body tensed up and I forced to look up, away from my phone. I found myself in another world and I was in awe. It took me a few minutes to process where I was. Over 8 inches of snow had fallen last night and the town looked like a winter wonderland. Continue reading

11 Rules to Live By to Be Unmistakable

Written by Yanina B.

#1.  It’s never too late to start.

If you procrastinated or failed, it’s okay. Just get back to it. Time passes with or without you, so you might as well get started.

#2.  Create a vision and change your habits.

Meditate on what it means to you to be successful. If you don’t know what success is for you, you won’t know when you’ve achieved it. Once you find a new job or lifestyle to meet those goals, change your habits and focus on your mindset.

#3.  Track your progress and be accountable.

Every day is the day to check your new year’s resolutions list. Surround yourself with others who will hold you accountable. Find a friend or system to keep you aligned with your goals and dreams. For example, keep a journal and spreadsheet with your workouts, meals, and goals to track your progress. If you procrastinate or lose focus, refer back to your journal to remind yourself why you were making the necessary changes in the first place.
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